Timoto is a passionate subsidiary business of Finntorpets Mekaniska AB

It´s driven by the fascination in details and quality. With the conviction that the happiness and success with the bike lays in the details. We design and manufacture to eliminate play and flex by using the best materials, bearings and technical knowledge. Together in our team we have more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing special designed products.

Timoto offers you high quality special designed parts for your bike. Our goal is to make the rider comfortable and gain confidence on the bike.


My passion for motorbikes started when my father had taken the family out to buy our very first VHS tape player. While out we passed a garage forecourt and on it stood the most beautiful, red Honda Monkey. The 5 –year old me so wanted that Monkey bike and I´m happy to say I have bought and sold many bikes in my time, but there will always be a Honda Monkey in my garage.


Mechanical engineer with 24 years of experience, I have worked in various roles, building bespoke exhaust systems for sports cars, CNC-operator, technician, preproduction engineer, tool designer, continues improvement leader and project leader in all-wheel drive systems and gear box manufacturing industries. All this accumulated experience, has now led me to be production leader and owner of Finntorpets Mekaniska AB.